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Red Light Therapy

Featuring exclusive R+ | NIR+ Advanced Spectral Output with NEW selectable Red/NIR/Blue control

The Mitochondria is the powerhouse of our cells.

The energy that the Mitochondria produces is called ATP. (Adenosine Triphosphate).

Red Light stimulates the Mitochondria, therefore, Red Light means more ATP, which means more health benefits!

Just like our bodies uses sunlight to make Vitamin D,
our bodies can use red light to produce ATP
more efficiently = Powerful Healing!

Our State-of-the-art, HORIZONTAL position (so you're laying down for treatment) powerful red light therapy device can help your body work at an optimal level by doing the following:

  • reviving circulation and boosting metabolism

  • reducing inflammation and cellular aging

  • providing pain relief and faster recovery

  • repairing tissue and increasing collagen growth

  • regaining performance and enhanced muscle strength

Let's make this a little more relatable...and translate these benefits of red light therapy into your everyday issues.

Red light studio
Here are 17 reasons why you need to come to see us!

When you’re using the correct red light therapy dose, it can:
#1 Decrease Blood Pressure
#2 Increase Lymphatic System Activity
#3 Tame Asthma
#4 Regulate Fibromyalgia
#5 Keep Rheumatic Conditions at Bay
#6 Help with Sinusitis
#7 Ease the Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colitis
#8 Help with Muscle Sprains and Injuries
#9 Soothe Dental Pain
#10 Promote Wound Healing
#11 Help You Manage Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
#12 Assist You with Your Weight Loss Efforts
(Reduce fat Body contouring by spot fat reduction (study) Cellulite reduction (study) Improved muscle building effects)
#13 Rejuvenate Your Skin
#14 Kill Acne Causing Bacteria
#15 Prevent and Eliminate Hair Loss
#16 Build and Tone Your Muscles
#17 Improve Sleep Quality

Special Pricing Package: $175 for 8 sessions or $25 per session.

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