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The Skinny Me Zone

We all have a "skinny" version of ourselves that we once knew and loved...

Owned and Operated by Jami Appenzeller, The Skinny Me Zone is for men and women who are looking to get back to a healthier lifestyle. Our treatments can help you get rid of those stubborn areas that make you feel hopeless with your exercise and even eating well! We help clients with those troublesome areas that simply won't "budge" through diet and exercise - Jami and her team use InstaSculpting to help remove that stubborn fat and tone/tighten loose skin all during the same session! Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radio Frequency combined is a proven treatment to destroy fat cells, and tighten loose skin. Then, fat cells are eliminated through your body's lymphatic drainage system and fat loss is permanent. Clients Flush with drinking plenty of water and sweating out the destroyed fat cells through our bodies waste system. Yes, results are permanent and instant!


Our fast results leave you more motivated than ever to continue on your health and wellness journey!

Finalist of Local Award for Best Of
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