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Cocoon Wellness FIT POD

infrared pod with client inside

The Cocoon Wellness & Fitness POD™ System hyperthermic-fitness conditioning and can be used to improve fitness and health to anyone of any fitness level. There are low, medium and high for each level of client. The Cocoon can help you lose weight, feel more fit and achieve your wellness goal. You can perform active thermal exercise (ATE) with the FitBed’s resistance bands for moderate or accelerated fitness, weight management, toning and firming, increased flexibility, improved endurance and energy.Or, experiencing refreshing relaxation.20 to 30-minute sessions are recommended.


Ranging from ambient room temperature up to 192 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius). The warmed air flows downward to the body while fans draw the warm air currents equally in a flow that creates the desired temperature level and increases core (body) temperature. As the body responds to the warm chamber environment, the relaxing release of body heat triggers exercise-like sweat and cleansing perspiration that can help maintain a stable core temperature.


Includes a built-in exercise fitness system featuring dynamic resistance bands with cushioned grips. Simple and high intensity interval fitness conditioning exercises while enjoying their Cocoon session (‘Active Exercise’). Exercise bands may be easily changed to provide from low to high resistance for all levels of fitness sessions, from out-of-shape to advanced and elite professional.


Synchronized multiple vibration massage at the desired level of soothing relaxation under the back and legs. In addition, the massage settings can be adjusted to low, mild, strong, intense, and maximum vibration. Users can experience their own personal vibratory massage levels for lymphatic drainage, comfort, stress relief, mental relaxation, relaxing the body and muscles, better sleep or power naps.


Salt air has long been practiced as a traditional wellness experience and the Cocoon POD becomes the user’s very own salt cave, to relax, recharge and rejuvenate!

infrared pod gif with opening
Himalyan salt tile circle

Salt therapy offers healing benefits such as curing the common cold, decreasing allergy symptoms, detoxifying the lymphatic systems, improving sleep, and alleviating some skin conditions. How? Unlike table salt, which is stripped of most of its natural minerals and fortified with iodine, the Himalayan rock salt you'd find in these caves is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iodine, bromine, and copper. You absorb these minerals when you breathe the salty air.

Also Including:

  • Contour Bed for FLOAT-LIKE EXPERIENCEErgonomi

  • Cooling Face Air System for FACIAL TREATMENT

  • Chamber Ambient Chromo-Lights Therapy

  • Fit-Bed™ Exercise System

  • Aroma Therapy

  • 3 Pre-Set Programs

    • Low Heat (Relax, Light Massage & Power Nap

    • Medium Heat (Heated Massage & Enhanced Wellness

    • High Heat (Holistic Sweat, Weight Loss Program, & Better Sleep

  • 4 eScapes™ Interactive Guided Imagery Sets

    • Fitness Courses

    • Positive Inspiration

    • Relaxation Images

    • Weight Management

  • Enriched Air O2

  • Gemstones 

  • 6 Ambient Chromolight Therapy

  • Music and entertainment while you lay back & enjoy!

Cost: Special Package price: 8 for $250 or $40 per session

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