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Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Here at The Skinny Me Zone, we focus all of our attention on helping our clients reduce areas of stubborn fat, annoying cellulite and tightening loose skin...all likely from aging. This can be anywhere on the body and face. There are many signs of the laxity in our skin starting to wane, such as lower face skin starts to 'drop, or sag'. Arms get "flappy, when once they were tight. Skin above the knee gets crepey. Or the dreaded "banana roll" starts to appear under the lower butt cheek area. Love handles often are a result of loose skin, even though we think it may be due to weight gain.

We use state of the art technology and the strongest form of treatment we can, still remaining non-invasive, non-surgical and holistic. Cavitation Lipolysis (Cavi Lipo), radio frequency and vacuum RF are the perfect combination of treatments to achieve a flat tummy, tone arms, slimmer thighs, bra fat reduction, cellulite reduction and so much more.

Come see us for a complimentary non invasive body sculpting consultation to discuss your concerns and get you back on track. 267-767-4205.

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